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Xiaomi launches its Android-based 60-inch Mi TV 3 w/ innovative speaker bar system


Xiaomi has today unveiled its new 60-inch Mi TV 3, the follow-up to the 48-inch Mi TV 2S that it showed off earlier this year. While the set does have features and specs that set it apart from its competitors — especially at its RMB 4,999 price point (~$786) — the TV also ditches its internal main board components, now found in a separate, much cheaper, Mi TV Bar add-on. This is a really interesting move for the smart TV space in general, and of course, the main board powers the set’s OS, MIUI, which is based on Android… Expand

Xiaomi to unveil ‘new flagship’ Mi 4c on September 22


Xiaomi just announced on its official forums that it will be releasing a ‘new flagship’ device on September 22nd. The company is coy on what this new smartphone will feature, or where it will be released, but does state that it will be called the Mi 4c. This news comes just a couple of weeks after Xiaomi launched its budget phablet, the RedMi Note 2.

The current generation Mi 4 features a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and a 5-inch display as well as the go-to 13MP Sony camera sensor on the back. If we had to speculate, we’d guess that the quad-core chip will be swapped out in favor of a more current octa-core processor. Apart from that, your guess is as good as ours, although the ‘c’ does suggest we might see some colorful additions to the range. The current Mi 4 only ships in black or white.

In an attempt to perhaps tease us a little, Xiaomi does specifically, but cryptically mention availability in other countries, not just China:

And it is time to unveil Mi 4c now. Will it come to other countries or only be available in China? Forgive me that we can’t disclose much about the new model before the launch event on September 22. We will keep you updated with further details of the launch event and have a live thread on that day. Please stay tuned.

As always, Xiaomi will have a live thread updating on its forums as the device is being revealed, including which markets and regions will receive the smartphone.

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Xiaomi announces new flagship Redmi Note 2: Octa-core and full HD for $124


Just days after releasing its last new phone, Xiaomi has announced yet another device with competitive specs at a very disruptive price point. Xiaomi calls it ‘the new monster’ and for good reason.

The Redmi Note 2 was unveiled this morning, complete with a 64-bit octa-core Helio processor, a full HD 5.5-inch display and 13MP rear camera made by Samsung. It also has dual SIM LTE support, 2GB RAM and either 16GB or 32GB internal storage. What’s more, there’s a 3,060mAh battery with Quick Charge 2.0 support. It’s compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and runs MIUI 7 on Android 5.0 Lollipop.



It’s a pretty impressive list of specs for a phone that costs the equivalent of $124. Even if you go for the 32GB model, you’re still only paying around $140. Or if you want the Prime model, which comes with 32GB storage and a faster processor, you only need to part with $156. Essentially, a phone with the specs of the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, but for $100 less.

As a bonus, the Redmi Note 2 comes in five colors: white, black, pink, brown and light blue.

Xiaomi, of course, is one of many Chinese manufacturers currently squeezing the big names out of the smartphone market in countries like China and India. By offering great specs at a fraction of the cost, products like the Redmi Note series are incredibly disruptive. Perhaps one of the big reasons HTC is struggling to gain any market value, and appeal to consumers.

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Xiaomi announces bamboo casing for its iPhone 6 competitor, the Mi Note,


Xiaomi‘s 5.7-inch phablet, launched in January, is now available in a special edition with a back cover made from natural bamboo. Xiaomi said that the Mi Note can be preordered now for delivery within two weeks, priced at RMB2299 ($370).

The Natural Bamboo Edition combines the awesome experience of 5.7 ” display and the smoothness as well as uniqueness of natural bamboo.

As it’s real wood, each back cover will be unique. Inside, it’s the same specs as the standard model: a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3GB RAM, 13MP main camera and 1080p display.

Xiaomi positions the Mi Note against Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, though is copying the wood idea from Motorola.

IDC numbers from last month show that Xiaomi is now the top-selling smartphone brand in China, overtaking Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Coolpad last year. The company recently held an event in San Francisco in which it said it had no plans to launch in the USA this year, but wanted to “introduce the brand” to Americans.

Xiaomi apologizes for uploading address book data from smartphones without permission


Former Android head and Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra has apologized to owners of its smartphones for “any concern caused” by collecting contact data from address books without permission.

A recent […] report by F-Secure raised privacy concerns by stating that Xiaomi devices are sending phone numbers to Xiaomi’s servers. These concerns refer to the MIUI Cloud Messaging service. As we believe it is our top priority to protect user data and privacy, we have decided to make MIUI Cloud Messaging an opt-in service and no longer automatically activate users […]

We apologize for any concern caused to our users and Mi fans. We would also like to thank the media and users who have been sending us feedback and suggestions, allowing us to improve and provide better Internet services …


Xiaomi announces $13 Mi Band wearable with phone unlock feature, and first LTE phone


Rapidly-growing Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced its first wearable today, the Mi Band. While it’s a fitness band rather than a smartwatch, it does have one smartwatch-style feature: it can be used instead of a passcode to unlock Mi phones.

The waterproof Mi Band measures activity levels and sleep patterns, has a smart sleep-cycle alarm and claims to have a 30-day battery-life. Amazingly, it will be going on sale in China and Singapore for the equivalent of just $13 …  Expand