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Google’s OnHub gets its first OTA software update w/ minor improvements


Google’s OnHub launched a few months ago, and now the expensive router is getting its first software update. It’s not clear at this point if the update is also rolling out to the newer ASUS model quite yet, but the original TP-LINK router is definitely getting it as has been confirmed by one owner on Google+.

There doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking here, as many of the things listed on the change log are just improvements to what’s already there. There is “improved client device naming,” optimizations for the antenna, “expanded use of 5GHz channels,” and more.

Interestingly, as noted by Android Police, the update seems to have been able to install itself on the router without requiring a reboot. As those who own pretty much any desktop OS, a Chromecast, or an Android phone will know, this is a really nice feature to have.

Here’s the full change log, as can be found on Google’s website.

Some highlights of this software update include:

  • Improved client device naming
  • Antenna optimizations
  • Expanded use of 5GHz channels
  • Improved port forwarding performance
  • General stability improvements
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Google releases Glass XE17 update, promises to fix boot loop bug


While the XE16 update brought KitKat and various other enhancements to Glass Explorers everywhere, it also carried a few nasty bugs that — among other things — could force devices into a boot loop. As such, Google issued XE16.2, which was supposed to fix these issues. Apparently it didn’t quite do that, as Google has today released the Glass XE17 update. Expand

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Chrome for Android updated with password & autofill sync, performance enhancements


Following releasing the features to Beta channel users, Google announced today that it has started rolling out an update (26.0.1410.58) to all Chrome for Android users. It includes the ability to access saved password and autofill entries.

Users logged into both Chrome on the desktop and Android will now be able to get access to saved autofill entries and passwords when using the Android app:

To try it out, make sure you’re signed in to Chrome on both your desktop and mobile device, and let sync take care of the rest. 

    • Password Sync
    • Autofill Sync
    • Fixed issue where blank page would be loaded rather than URL
    • Performance and stability improvements

The updated Chrome app should be available through Google Play soon, but Google noted it could take a couple of days for the feature to roll out to everybody.

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Chrome for Android updated with background audio and performance enhancements

256px-google_chrome_2011_computer_icon-svgGoogle updated its Chrome for Android app today with a number of performance enhancements including improved scrolling, better responsiveness for pinch-zooming, and improvements to “interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine.” Google is also including background audio support in this release and “expanded support HTML5 features”:

What’s in this version:

Updates in this version of Chrome for Android include improved text font clarity and stability fixes in addition to:
1. Improved scrolling performance
2. Increased responsiveness to pinch-zooming on pages
3. Faster interactive pages thanks to the latest version of the V8 javascript engine
4. Audio now continues to play while Chrome is in the background. Audio playing in Chrome will now pause when the phone is in use. This requires an additional permission
5. Expanded support for HTML5 features

Google+ for Android app updated with improved notifications and bug fixes

Have Google+ notifications been unreliable on your Android device? Thanks to a rather hefty update to the Android app last night, Google has now introduced much needed “improved notifications reliability”, among the other dozen or so improvements and fixes included in the update.

Version 1.0.5 of the Google+ app for Android includes some of the enhancements made to the browser version of the service such as grouping new Circle related notifications together, rather than bombarding your notifications bar with each new addition.

The notifications system is said to be more reliable in this latest update, but whether or not it will cure issues users are having with infrequent, outdated, and often non-existent notifications is yet to be seen. Even if you haven’t experienced these issues, we recommend dropping by the Market now and grabbing the 1.0.5 update to take advantage of the other handful of welcomed fixes listed below.

What’s in this version: