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IFTTT’s powerful DO Button app adds Android Wear support

The DO Button is a great accessory app to the powerful “If This Then That” service, and now you can use the app with your Android Wear device. Thanks to an update that’s rolling out (via Android Police) on the Play Store right now, you’ll be able to control hundreds of IFTTT-compatible apps — like Tumblr, Drive, Evernote, and more — from your wrist…

DO Buttons are simplified, quick one-tap access to your IFTTT recipes. For example, paired with a Nest thermostat, you can create a recipe that sets your home’s temperature to 72 degrees. These have long been accessible via the Android and iOS apps, but today’s update will put them on your watch. Also, the update packs support for new channels.

Here’s the full change log:

Introducing DO Button for Android Wear!
Designed for simplicity and ease of use, DO for Android Wear places the control of hundreds of apps right on your wrist.
+ New Channels include: Adafruit, Amazon Cloud Drive, Camio, dondeEsta Family, iSecurity+, Wattio, Wolfram Data Drop
+ A few wrinkles were ironed out
—The IFTTT Team
If you want to grab the update, just keep your eye on the Play Store listing. The app is free, of course, and the update should be rolling out now.