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Google Maps team answers some interesting questions about the product

A few members of the Google Maps team answered some pretty interesting questions on Reddit about the platform, from the community. Business Insider posted some of the highlights from the thread:

  1. Building shadows within Maps are astronomically correct with the time of day and sun. Google did however scale the shadows.
  2. Antartica has a street view in Google Maps.
  3. Google collects 3D views with three laser cameras on their street cars.
  4. The team is excited about/considering making a 3D game using Maps data.
  5. Google Maps has a street view partner program for anyone to add street view photos taken with their own camera.
  6. For colorblind Maps users, Google is figuring out how to accommodate users with the red and green indicators for Traffic.
  7. Google favors higher quality images that are older over blurry ones that are newer.