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StubHub shows off 3D maps for mobile app and site, says open APIs coming soon

Yankee Stadium

StubHub is the latest company to join the 3D craze with updated maps for its online and mobile apps counterparts.

The 12-year-old online ticket reseller, bought by eBay in 2007, allows users to buy and sell tickets for sports, concerts, theatre, and other live entertainment events. It acquired Peekspy, which is a company that leverage’s Google Earth’s technology to create 3D products, in early 2012 for an undisclosed amount. Fanvenue, Peekspy’s website, further builds 3D interactive seating maps for venues and stadiums.

With Peekspy in its pocket for the last six months, StubHub is preparing to roll out 3D maps. The tech is for both online and mobile, but StubHub said it is working toward a consistent experience on both platforms. The first phase is onsite only, but upcoming rollouts will simultaneously land for both and mobile.

StubHub Product Director Mats Nilsson announced at a media event in New York City recently that StubHub for Android would soon sport the tech, although an exact launch date has not been announced, so folks could find seats in a more easier and entertaining way. For instance: Users on either Android, iOS or Windows Phone will be able to hover over a desired seating section, tap to zoom, and then closely inspect desired seats, interior views, stage setup, bathroom locations, and more.

Only a few venues are now launch-ready for mobile apps, such as Yankee Stadium, but Nilsson said StubHub is diligently working with many arenas to get 3D maps into full swing. With that said, MLB stadiums are now live online as part of the “first phase” previously mentioned by StubHub.

In related news, StubHub CTO Raji Arasu revealed plans to completely open APIs in the coming months. The limited StubHub API already allows some partners, such as ESPN, to gain information and functionality, but the ticket reseller hopes full read-and-write access for all will further encourage development.

A gallery of StubHub 3D maps is below.

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