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Jonah Hill

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Google-related movie ‘The Internship’ with Vince Vaughn spotted filming in Atlanta [Gallery]

An interesting post appeared on Reddit today about an upcoming movie on two 40-something interns trying to become successful at an Internet company, but, more intriguingly, the film’s plot supposedly has Google ties.

The Reddit poster claimed his college transformed into a “Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movie called ‘The Internship’ where they play Google interns.” A quick glimpse at the comments revealed the picture is shooting at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga.

According to the college’s website, set preparations for the movie will begin this week, “with production scheduled to wrap up on Aug. 24.” Adam Carlson of Creative Loafing, an Atlanta-based entertainment blog, reported earlier this month that he also spotted the film crew in town with Google:

  • As it turns out, I showed up as the crew was beginning prep on an outdoor sequence across the street from the Studios, which would include both a fire hydrant specially painted red and a Google bus.
  • The scenes indoors probably had a Google connection, too, […] a Coke machine had been installed on a top floor with a Google banner across it, covering the logo.
  • Maybe Owen and Vince — who play out-of-work salesmen reinventing themselves with a tech firm internship — were meant to be at Google? No one would confirm, but the very humid, very Atlanta weather didn’t feel much like California.

A gallery is below.