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Report: Google shells out over $5M lobbying in Q2, while Apple barely spends $500K

The congressional lobbying disclosure reports for Q2 2012 are available, and Google is far ahead of Apple in terms of money spent lobbying.

Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt reported that “Google has outspent Apple nearly 10 to one,” and he noted which bills Apple is giving the most attention:

The list is long, and it ranges from the Do Not Track Kids Act of 2011 to “issues related to the transportation of batteries.” Given the latest kerfuffle about Apple’s temporary withdrawal from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool program a couple weeks ago, I was interested to see “EPEAT” on the list.

Google also took an active interest in environment, with its specific lobbying issues pertaining to “renewable energy policies.”

Google’s report is here, while Apple’s report is here.

This article is cross-posted on 9to5Mac.