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“Something Big is Coming” from Samsung on September 1st at IFA


Samsung has just released a couple teaser videos, which don’t seem to be teasing much other than the fact they will be making an announcement at IFA in Berlin on September 1st. As you can see from the video above, it’s essentially your average, run-of-the-mill smartphone ad but with the devices themselves blurred out by a mysterious glowing light. However, the thing that really gets our attention is the “Something Big is Coming” text at the end of the video.

While the ad clearly shows an actor placing the device up to his ear (indicating a phone rather than a tablet), there is also a suspicious amount of thumb typing in landscape mode going on and the glow on the device right at the end of the video above appears to be significantly larger than others. Perhaps hinting at a hybrid device of sorts.

There is no shortage of rumoured devices from Samsung that could easily be announced at IFA. We told you about a huge leak that gave us insight into seven Android smartphones and two tablets the company is currently working on. Perhaps the most impressive device from the leak was the “GT-I9250”, a 4.65-inch device running Ice Cream Sandwich and sporting a 1280x720p resolution. However, at this point it could very easily be anyone of the tablets or phones we know Samsung currently has in the works. We’ll be covering the announcement live as it happens so stay tuned for the latest.