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Acer introduces the 7″ Honeycomb Iconia Tab A100 starting at $329

This morning, Acer announced the Iconia A100 Tab A100.  The 7″ Android 3.2 tablet is the first to run Honeycomb at that size.  The screen is a Galazy Tab-like 1024×600 16:10 TFT with a 75-degree viewing angle.  The body is a bit on the beefy side  for a 7-incher at .5-inches thick and .92lbs.

All of that heft doesn’t get you as much battery life as you might expect.  The battery is a very cellphone-like 1520mA and is rated for around 5 hours of web surfing and slightly less for HD Video.  It also runs Adobe Flash 10.3 which will tax its speedy 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor.

On the backside is a big 5MP shooter with Flash.  The front side has a 2MP video conferencing camera as well.

It also has a home button which seems to indicate that Acer didn’t get Andy Rubin’s message about “no buttons”.  That’s OK, some people like buttons.

The biggie here is the price.  With a retail target of $329, this product will likely be aimed at consumers who don’t feel comfortable spending $500 and up for a tablet.  As with the Iconia A500 tablet before it, that price will likely get discounted so we’ll be looking at a mid range Honeycomb product in the mid $200 range.

This will compete well with Barnes and Noble’s Nook, the HTC Flyer and the original Samsung Galaxy Tab.  It also appears to be aimed at moms who can throw this in a purse and hold it in one hand and while on the go.

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