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Google Play Music limiting device deauthorizations

According to a post on XDA-Developers, some Android users discovered Google Play Music is limiting the number of device deauthorizations per account. The new 10-device limit apparently rolled out sometime over the last 60 days and users are now beginning to receive a message informing them they have hit the limit. AndroidandMe pointed out the number of deauthorizations is actually limited to four per year, despite the 10-device limit.

As noted in the post, the issue is specifically problematic for users who often flash new ROMs to their device, because each ROM is recognized as a new device. Fortunately, Google agreed to remove older devices for some users who contacted Google Support via email, but the only solution otherwise is to create a new account and re-upload your music. The post on XDA explained another option is to “restore a Nandroid backup from a ROM that was working before.” This is clearly an issue Google will have to address in the near future…