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Stick with Android app is the perfect response to Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ software


Apple caused something of a stir when it launched its first app for Android. ‘Move to iOS’ is an app designed to help us poor users stuck in the ‘toxic hellstew’ (in their view) that is Google’s mobile operating system. Hilariously, most Android users who noticed the app shared their feelings clearly in the Google Play Store ratings, with thousands of users giving it a 1-star review. They may perhaps have been kinder if Apple had released software on Android before, but the fact that this is the company’s first was the salt in the wound.


One developer had the perfect response to Apple’s app. Jonotthias launched an app called ‘Stick with Android’, which does exactly what you expect it to. Except it doesn’t do anything as such, apart from making you feel totally awesome for not switching to the dark side. Upon launching, you get a green screen with an icon telling you ‘click here to stick with Android’, tap it and you’ve successfully stuck with Android. Tap it again, and you’re still with Android. Unsurprisingly, early reviewers enjoyed the app very much. It’s available to download from the Play Store for free and is — unsurprisingly — compatible with every Android device running 4.0.3 or later.

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