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Google+ Photos being discontinued August 1st following standalone Photos service debut

Google+ Photos

Au revoir, Google+ Photos. In a post to Google+, ironically enough, Google has (unsurprisingly) announced that starting on August 1st, it will be sunsetting its Google+ Photos app in favor of the recently launched Google Photos. First the Android version of the app will stop working, followed by the iOS and web apps shortly thereafter. The company says the move to axe Google+ Photos is being made in an “effort to ensure everyone has the best photos experience we can deliver.”


Google to begin spreadsheet migration to new Sheets app starting next month

Google SheetsGoogle announced on Thursday that, starting next week, it will begin notifying users of Google Apps domains on the Rapid release track about the upcoming migration of old spreadsheets to the new version of Google Sheets. Any spreadsheets created before December 2013, including subsequent changes, will be migrated to the new service.

Google claims that the migration process will begin in the next two to three weeks, with no action required by users. While no spreadsheet data is expected to be affected by this transition, Google notes that some formulas and features may be different in rare cases and advises users to read this Help Center article to understand the changes. Expand

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Google launches cloud-based email migration to Google Apps, contacts & calendar on the way

google-apps-logo Google announced on its Google Apps Updates blog today that cloud-based email migration for Google Apps is being rolled out over the course of the next 2 weeks, making it much easier for businesses to move from their own mail servers to Google’s Gmail servers.

Starting this week, we are making it easier for businesses to migrate email into Google Apps using our cloud-based data migration service. The data migration service can be configured via the Admin console to connect to your mail server and migrate email over to Google’s Gmail servers.

Notably, this means that those wishing to migrate no longer need to download migration tools and install them on local servers, moving the process entirely to the cloud. Google says that currently this service is only for mail, but that support for calendar and contact migration is in the works.

A support page for the service is also now online if you’re looking for more information.

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Switching from an iPhone to a Moto X, G or Droid easier as full iCloud support added


Motorola has added iCloud support to its Motorola Migrate app, making it far easier to switch from an iPhone to a Moto X, Moto G or Droid handset than the longwinded process Eric Schmidt described back in November. Previously, it was necessary to go via Gmail or to use the online migration app.

With this update, you can pull in your contacts and calendar events by simply entering Apple ID and password directly into the app. The app the connects to iCloud and downloads your data automatically.

The app is powered by mark/space, a company specialising in sync technology and behind many consumer and corporate synchronisation tools.