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New Lexus IS in-dash system adds Street View, Google local search & geotagged Panoramio photos

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A guest post on the Google Enterprise blog today from Toyota announced that the automaker would be bringing Google technologies to its new Lexus IS model available later this year in Europe.

While it might not be Google’s self driving car tech just yet, the vehicle’s in-dash system will now provide access to Street View, Google local search, and geotagged Panoramio photos:

Lexus-Google-MapsThe Lexus IS newest in-dash system gives users direct access to Google local search, Street View and geotagged photos from Panoramio. From cafés in Rome to museums in Paris, drivers can use their navigation system to search online for points of interest. With access to continually updated local information powered by Google, this gives Lexus users peace of mind.

We’re also excited to announce that Street View and Panoramio will be integrated in Lexus’ premium in-car technology. For the first time, Lexus drivers will be able to see real-life images of their surroundings, guiding them to nearby places.