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Updated plugin allows users to browse and insert Drive files from Microsoft Outlook


Last July, Google created a plugin that allowed Office users to open documents stored in Google Drive and automatically sync back edits. Today, while these are features that have long been part of Gmail on the web and Android, an update to the Drive plugin for Outlook will allow users to insert Drive documents into emails, save incoming attachments, and have access to other features found in Gmail.


Sunrise app officially sunsetted as Outlook steals its thunder


When Microsoft purchased Sunrise, things didn’t look good for the popular cross-platform calendar app. There were fears Microsoft would take its talent and shut the app down. Fears — it seems — that were completely justified. Sunrise announced in a blog post today that the app will no longer receive any updates. If you are an avid user of Sunrise (like me), you’ll now need to go hunting for a new calendar app if you expect new features. Expand

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Google continues enterprise push for Google apps with delegated contacts search


Google has announced a new feature for enterprise users of Google Apps: the ability for assistants and other team members to search for particular people in their boss’s contacts list.

Contacts delegation allows enterprise users to delegate full access to the contacts in their “My Contacts” group without granting access to their mail or anything else in their accounts. […]

To save users time when locating specific delegated contacts, we’ve now added search functionality. Delegates can search delegator contacts by selecting the delegator contact group in the navigation pane, and then searching.

It’s not the most exciting of new features, but is one of those small things that can make a worthwhile difference to a PA who might have to contact a dozen or more people a day – and every improvement like that helps Google build its case for broader enterprise adoption of Google Apps.