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Google Creative Lab launches Meter, a live wallpaper that shows battery, WiFi, and notification info


Google Creative Lab, the same group responsible for a few quirky photo and location-based apps that we told you about earlier this year, has released a new live wallpaper for your Android phone that shows you some useful info about your device. There are three different status indicators shown with this wallpaper: Battery, WiFi, and Notifications…

Based on my initial testing, it seems that the wallpaper randomly switches between these three indicators. Locking and unlocking your phone, as well as opening and closing apps, will rotate between them so that you’re always up to date. Also, they all respond to the tilting of your device for some added phone — the battery one reminds me a lot of calibrating the iPhone’s compass app.

You can grab the app for free on the Google Play Store right now.


Google launches GoMo mobile website initiative at

Google will be holding a new event known as “Mobilizing Mobile” on November 14th (via Alabama Live) where they will open a storefront in downtown Mobile, Alabama and offer free developer services to build mobile (Android) optimized websites for businesses. Google will also cover hosting costs of the mobile websites for one year.

President of Red Square Agency Rich Sullivan (who organized the event on behalf of Goog) says the event kicks off Google’s larger “mobile-website initiative” known as “GoMo”. As noticed by Fusible, Google today made the website live, which provides the following description of the mobile-website development resource on its About page:

GoMo is a Google-led initiative dedicated to helping businesses “Go Mobile” by providing them with the tools and resources they need to make their websites more mobile-friendly. On the GoMo website, businesses can see how their sites look on a mobile device using the GoMoMeter tool and get personalized recommendations for creating a more mobile-friendly experience. The site also has information on current mobile trends and mobile site best practices, as well as a list of developers ready to help companies build their mobile sites.

The site is essentially a huge resource for businesses, organizations, and developers interested in learning more about optimizing their content for mobile. This includes Mobile Best Practices, Case Studies, and the Get Started tool for finding an agency you can hire to build your mobile site. There is also a GoMo Meter tool that lets you enter the URL of your site and test its mobile browser compatibility (a full PDF report can also be downloaded). Agencies interested in signing up to be listed as a vendor can do so here.