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Jim Woodring

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Caption contest: What’s the Search?

Caption contests are everyone’s favorite, even if they’ve been overused, and Google has decided to do one of its own. As you’d expect from the world’s search monster, it challenges you to describe a bunch of illustrations that depict people using Google search.

Available at the Inside Search site, the contest invites you to:

Come up with your most creative caption illustrating what these characters are searching for on Google. You can also vote for your favorites and share them with friends!

The company teamed up with artists Matthew Diffee, Emily Flake, Christoph Niemann, Danny Shanahan and Jim Woodring to come up with a bunch of funny cartoons that all share a a common twist – characters running Google searches. Upon submitting your caption, it should appear on the site. You can then share it using a unique link or vote on other submissions. It’s a nice little time-killer, go ahead and give it a try.