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Motorola teases MOTOACTV update coming March 7

Motorola announced in a blog post today its all-in-one fitness band is about to get a new update. Motorola said it would detail more as the launch date of the update comes closer, but it did reveal that the MOTOACTV would gain support for up to 40 new activities, including: yoga, Pilates, dancing and martial arts. Motorola will also roll out an online hub —where users can track fitness progress—at the time of the update. The MOTOACTV band will push the fitness information over Wi-Fi, so you can then setup competitions among friends.

Just as a refresher: Motorola announced the MOTOACTV at an event in October along with the Droid RAZR. The MOTOACTV can track your every move, play music through an FM radio, and can even store up to 4,000 songs. The 8GB version retails for $210 and the 16GB version retails for $300. Stay tuned, as Motorola said there is more to come.


WIMM Labs Wearable Android platform puts smart on small screens


Android devices seem to be getting bigger and bigger which is good if you like huge mobile devices and even bigger tablets.  But to be “take everywhere”, devices need to get smaller.

Think the size of an iPod nano that many have taken to wearing on their wrists like a watch.

WIMM is building a platform based on devices this size.  They are squeezing Android onto super-small devices with 160×160 screens with Bluetooth and Wifi tagging along.  The devices can be worn as watches, on a belt or bag strap or even on the neck.   Not only will these thigs be able to play media, they’ll also be able to pull feeds from RSS, Twitter and Social media Sites.  They’ll also make great universal remotes for not only entertainment centers but anything else you can think of.

I like this idea a lot but the devil is in the details and execution is paramount.

Full release below: Expand