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Popular MMORPG ‘Pocket MapleStory’ gets a worldwide release on Android


Developer of the popular PC game MapleStory has long had a mobile version of the game, Pocket MapleStory, but up until now there has only been a Korean version and a soft launch in select countries. Today the game officially comes to all users worldwide with a localized version for English players.

The mobile version of the game packs in the full side-scrolling MMORPG desktop experience including all 1,500 different quests, real-time online multiplayer functionality, and rich, colorful environments.

Available now, the side-scrolling action that fans have adored for more than 10 years on the PC now gives players the chance to explore the vast and colorful universe of Maple World on mobile devices. Pocket MapleStory has already garnered more than seven million downloads in Asia and has been the number one free game on both the App Store and Google Play in Korea and Taiwan. The game had also ranked first and second in free game category on the App Store in China and Japan respectively… In honor of the worldwide launch, there will be two launch events for fans to earn additional in-game rewards.

Android users are getting the game first with a release on Google Play for free, but with in-app purchases available for items and character customizations.

Developer NEXON Korea noted in its press release that the game already has “more than seven million downloads in Asia and has been the number one free game on both the App Store and Google Play in Korea and Taiwan.” The game is yet to get a worldwide release on iOS, but it will come to all users on the platform later this year.

Pocket MapleStory is available for Android users now on Google Play.

Gmail for iOS updated with new inbox grouped by category & improvements to notifications

Gmail-inbox-iOS-categoriesAs expected, Google just started rolling out its brand new inbox to iOS users after first introducing us to the new category-based design last week. While its not a tabbed design like on the desktop, much like the Android app that just started rolling out iOS users can now access the new feature that groups emails into separate inboxes by selecting categories from the app’s side navigation bar.

 Meet the new inbox: If you’ve enabled the new inbox, your mail is now grouped into categories so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read when. Primary mail is shown first and it’s easy to access and keep track of email in other categories by opening the menu. Configure this feature by going to on your computer.

Today’s Gmail update also brings improved notifications allowing you to customize what emails you receive notifications for: Expand

Google announces AdWords conversion tracking for iOS app downloads

Google announced today on its Inside AdWords blog that it will now allow AdWords users to track iOS downloads from in-app display ads, a feature that was previously only available for Android app downloads. Google said iOS conversion tracking allows advertisers to “better understand which campaigns are most effective at driving app downloads.”

The feature allows marketers to track downloads that originate from “in-app” display ads, meaning the iOS conversion tracking feature at this point doesn’t include app downloads driven by Google Search or Google Display Network ads. For iOS app downloads, Google explained marketers will have to go through a couple extra steps, requiring them install an SDK, grab a code snippet from their AdWords account, and then install it into their app. The same feature is currently available to Android as a codeless solution requiring users to simply create a new conversion in their account.

Tracking downloads of an iOS app requires integrating a small SDK into your app and pasting a small snippet of code in your app’s didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method to call the SDK.

Full instructions from Google on setting up iOS conversion tracking are below: Expand