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Image Editing

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Google Drive adds new image editing options for Slides


After previously announcing image editing features including cropping and borders for Docs, Slides and other Google Drive apps, Google today announced new options for images in Slides. Now, in addition to cropping and adding borders to images, you can now access recolor, transparency, brightness, and contract settings.

You can now select “Image options…” from the toolbar, format menu, or right-click menu, where you can adjust the opacity, brightness, and contrast of an image, or recolor it to match the theme of your presentation.

Google provided the examples above and below showing off some of the new image editing options. We imagine it wont be long before these features make their way to Docs and the other Google Drive apps that support images.


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Google Docs updated with image editing tools


Today, Google updated Docs with a simple set of editing tools, placing it on a par with the company’s Slides application. Users can now crop, rotate and add borders to images directly from within Docs, so there’s no need to jump into a different app when working on a document loaded with pretty pictures. Google recently added these type of features to Slides and from the look of things, Docs’ tools are identical. Today’s update leaves Sheets as the odd app out in Mountain View’s office software suite, however you’re probably less likely going to find yourself inserting any photos into that data-heavy spreadsheet.

{via Google)