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GoogleMobile: ‘We’re closing up shop’, all Android now

Google is making Android the cornerstone of its social media presence.

Google Mobile will discontinue tweets through the @GoogleMobile Twitter handle, as the account was primarily for other mobile platform news, so Google can give more attention to the Android operating system.

The search giant now recommends the @Android Twitter handle as the go-to center for all-things Android in 140 characters or less. Visit the Google directory for a complete list of Google-based profiles on Twitter.

To go along with Google’s honed eye for its mobile OS, the folks in Mountain View also launched +Android on Google+. It further closed the Google Mobile blog to focus on the Official Android blog. Both resources serve as a comprehensive hub for the latest messages from the Android team.

In related news, Google closed its official Google Mac blog in June.

“Our Mac and iOS support has now become so mainstream that we realized we just don’t need to keep Mac news on its own blog, so we won’t be posting here any longer,” explained Google.

Google encourages readers to find information about Google Chrome for OS X, Google Earth, and other iOS apps and products at its other individual blogs—like the Chrome Blog and the Lat Long Blog.