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Galaxy Tab P8

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Leaked Verizon document hints Bionic release date and more

IGN has discovered a leaked Verizon document going over the release date for many upcoming devices this fall. The Droid BIONIC, which we’ve been waiting forever for, is set to launch September 8th according to the doc. Also, it appears the Motorola Xoom LTE is launching the 8th.

Something we haven’t quite heard of is the Samsung Galaxy Tab P8, which is set for November according to the doc. This in fact could be the 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab we’ve seen floating around. Android Central outlines:

  • Samsung Stratosphere on Sep 8
  • Motorola Droid Bionic on Sep 8
  • Motorola Xoom LTE on Sep 8 (3G to 4G upgrade could be one week earlier)
  • HTC Bliss with Android 2.3 on Sep 29
  • HTC Vigor is slated to replace the Thunderbolt on Oct 5
  • LG Revolution 2 to replace the LG Revolution on Oct 20
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab P8 with LTE in November Expand