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Samsung rolls out new Merlot Red, Rose Gold White, Black Galaxy Note 3 colors

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Samsung has never been a company to shy away from introducing a dozen color variants for their flagship devices which makes new colors for the Galaxy Note 3 no surprise at all. The South Korean giant introduces Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White color variants to the world alongside the Blush Pink, Jet Black and Classic White that were launched back at IFA in September.


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Samsung says ChatON now at 100 million users, up 50 million since May


Samsung announced today that ChatON, the company’s chat service that comes preinstalled on many of its mobile devices, has now passed the 100 million subscriber mark. That’s up around 50 million users in fourth months since first hitting 50 million subscribers in May, according to Samsung. The press release notes that ChatON has been experiencing growth in markets such as India and China, but doesn’t say how many active users the service has:

ChatON was designed in-line with Samsung’s drive to deliver products that meet specific local needs in different markets. In India for example, ChatON has seen exponential growth as the service supports 10 regional dialects, with plans to support 13 dialects by the end of 2013. Additional features such as the Ramadan Anicon have helped boost its popularity in the Middle East.

It’s important to note that this certainly doesn’t mean active users, and with ChatON currently preinstalled on Samsung’s most popular devices– the Note II & III, Galaxy S4, etc– there’s no telling how many users signed up and only tried the service once.

ChatON is also available on other Android devices, iOS, Windows Phone, and PCs, as well as in 63 different languages, but Samsung didn’t share details on how many subscribers it has on each platform.

Images of HTC One Max leak, HTC teases “big things ahead”


We’ve heard rumors of a larger HTC One variant for a long time now, but thanks to ePrice we now have our first clear images of the device. The pictures don’t show all that much, though. Essentially, the One Max is a larger version of the One with the same design and build quality. The screen will supposedly be a whopping 5.9-inches and come in with a 1080p resolution. The specs of the One Max will be much improved, however, with the device being powered by a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and 3,300mAh battery. It’s also worth pointing out that the bezel is nearly nonexistent, which means that while the screen is large, the overall form factor might be a tad more reasonable.

[protected-iframe id=”c2b25cda8adb1df4ea9e2f0b36734496-22427743-10223781″ info=”” width=”480″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″]

Hot on the heels of Samsung sending out its Unpacked 2013 event for the Galaxy Note III, HTC also released a teaser video for an upcoming ad campaign. The company says that there are “big things ahead”, which given recent events, seems like a tease for the One Max. The video clip also shows a new “Happy Telephone Company” tagline for the company. HTC recently ditched its “Quietly Brilliant” branding that it used for so long.

The HTC One Max is definitely pushing the boarders of being too big, but hopefully the bezels are small enough to truly make a difference. Expand