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Rumor: Samsung’s well-received Galaxy Ax series set to continue for another generation at least


Samsung is, unsurprisingly, working on the follow up to its Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 handsets. SamMobile has learned from its sources that the devices will have model names SM-A310F, SM-A510F and SM-A710F in Russia, while Chinese models will be SM-A5100 and SM-A7100.

Little else is known about the devices. The site hasn’t heard anything specific about specifications or pricing, but the slight change in model numbers suggests the improvements will be incremental.

Samsung introduced metal bodies on its phones for the first time with the Galaxy A-series phones, before the solid chassis design hit the Galaxy Note, then the Galaxy S lineups later on. The series itself has been relatively well-received by consumers, offering great build and almost-flagship specs for competitive prices. Although not quite as cheap as disruptive brands like OnePlus and Alacetel OneTouch, the phones did help dissuade fears that the company only knew how to make cheap-feeling, and cheap-looking plastic ‘mini’ phones.

Samsung reportedly working on three new ‘Galaxy A’ series smartphones

Students walk out of a showroom at the headquarters of Samsung Electronics in Seoul

Samsung is reportedly working on three new LTE-capable smartphones under the Galaxy A moniker that will range between $300 to $500. Citing an unnamed source, SamMobile claims that this trio of unannounced devices will be called the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7, with the latter phone seeing a limited release in select countries.