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Google adds more train information to Google Flights in Europe

Add New Post ‹ 9to5Google — WordPress 2015-10-26 17-19-04While this might not make much sense to North American readers, high-speed trains are commonly a very smart alternative to flights when traveling across the European continent. Due to this, it makes sense that Google would add train information to Google Flights in Europe. Now, when browsing flights in Google Flights, users will be able to quickly see when it might make more sense to go by rail.

Here’s the low down:

Every year, billions of people travel across Europe for personal and professional reasons — often choosing high-speed rail as a convenient option. Now Google Flights makes it easy to compare the time and cost to ride vs. fly when trains are a logical and good alternative to many flight routes in Europe.

We started by adding train options for routes in Italy and Spain. Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Deutsche Bahn in Germany to bring their expansive, fast rail service to Google Flights.

According to Google, this launch brings train options for 56 destinations and hundreds of routes across Northern Europe. The company says that Frankfurt-Munich and Hamburg-Stuttgart are popular routes, as well as Zurich-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Amsterdam. As of today, you should be able to see these Northern Europe train options in the app, and even more routes in Italy and Spain, as well.

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Google Glass XE21.0 update brings quicker Google Now updates, Waze integration

Google just announced the XE21.0 update for Google Glass and with it introduce faster Google now notifications for flights and sports and the integration of Waze data for navigation:

When looking up routes to your destination, Waze accident indicators help you avoid potential traffic.

Google announced its acquisition of mapping company Waze last year and has quickly integrated real-time traffic alerts and other features from the app into its own Maps and navigation features across platforms.

Earlier this month Google began selling its $1500 Google Glass Explorer Edition through the US Google Play Store alongside a number of accessories.

Google search now includes flights, reservations, & more from Gmail, Calendar & Google+

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Google announced on its blog today that it is soon rolling out the ability to view information from Gmail, Calendar, and Google+ directly in search results, providing users with a more personalized experience and an easier way to quickly look up important data across services. Some of the features have previously been available to Google Now on Android devices, but starting over the next few days English users in the US will begin seeing results for flights, reservations, and much more in Google search results on the web and mobile devices:

Ever had trouble checking your flight’s status on the go because it meant digging through your email for the flight number? Or wanted to just quickly see whether your package would arrive on time, without having to look up the tracking info first? You’ve told us it would be much easier if you could skip the fuss and just ask Google. Soon you’ll be able to find this info instantly in Google Search if it’s in your Gmail, Google Calendar or Google+. For example, just ask or type, “What’s my flight status?” or “When will my package arrive?”

The new results are triggered by queries such as “Is my flight on time?” or “my reservations” and will also work with Google’s recently introduced voice search features.

Google highlighted a few of the new results that you’ll begin seeing including flights, reservations, purchases, events, and photos from across all three services mentioned above: Expand

Google Search gets instant flight results

Google has made it a little easier to find flights online by integrating flight information with their main search page. From now on, a quick summary of flights and airlines is displayed right on the results page for users in ten language markets (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan). You can also browse a full time-table of non-stop flights and search for non-stop flights from a particular airport.

Even though flight data comes from their ITA acquisition, Google Search does not currently use ITA’s search technology, a Google engineer Petter Wedum noted in a post over at the official Google Search blog. Right now it’s just a schedule, but obviously the ITS deal will pave the way to buying tickets online. Try this example search for flights from San Francisco to Minneapolis.