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HTC reportedly developing a phone capable of taking the “ultimate selfie,” coming to AT&T in Q4

HTC's failed Facebook phone

HTC’s failed Facebook phone

Because apparently it’s what the world needs, HTC is reportedly developing a phone that will be marketed as the “ultimate selfie phone.” According to the normally reliable evleaks, the device is codenamed Eye and will be coming to AT&T with a fourth quarter release. Other details are still sparse, but the big thing is, it’s a sefie phone, capable of taking the ultimate selfie.

Back in 2011, HTC released the ChaCha, better known as the Facebook phone, that failed miserably. It appears, more than two years later, that the company learned absolutely nothing with that device and is going to continue to make gimmicky phones that no one will buy.

Nevertheless, if you, for some reason, want a phone that’s capable of taking the ultimate selfie and other phones just don’t work well enough for you, wait until Q4 for the HTC Eye. It’s unclear what the device will have that makes it better for selfies than other devices, but presumably we’ll see a few leaks between now and the launch to tell us.

But first….let me take a selfie.