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Algoriddim launches free version of djay for Android, adds updated audio capabilities for Lollipop devices


Software development team Algoriddim announced today that it is launching a free version of its popular djay app for Android. The free version features full support for Spotify music imports, allowing users who subscribe to the music service to pull in tunes over-the-air.

Both the free and paid versions have also gained support for new audio capabilities on Lollipop devices. Both apps now support external USB audio devices with multiple stereo outputs, enabling separate previewing without affecting the current mix.

As seen in the video above, the apps are also now compatible with the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3 USB MIDI controller. You can grab both apps from the Google Play Store now, for free or $4.99, respectively.

Algoriddim brings its popular Mac and iOS ‘djay’ app to Android w/ Spotify integration

djay for Android

Algoriddim, the team behind the popular music mixing app djay, first shipped the commercial version of its flagship app in 2007 on the Mac followed by the iPad version in 2010 and the iPhone version in 2011. Adding to the history of djay, today Algoriddim is launching djay for Android through the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store making the app its first on Google’s platform.

While djay is rooted in digital music mixing on the Mac then iOS, the new Android version is just as desktop class with high quality music playback and real time analyzing and mixing. Better yet, djay for Android packs in deep Spotify integration from day one–the iOS version first added up Spotify integration earlier this year–which means you have access to over 20 million songs for mixing together and playback.