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Diane von Fürstenberg

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Google reveals DVF Made for Glass collection coming June 23rd

DVF 3A Google+ post on the official Glass page revealed a new collection of Glass accessories from fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. After the post went public, however, Google apparently deleted it. It’s possible the announcement went out a little early, but nothing on the Internet is ever truly gone.

Google X’s Jacob Barlow shared the post on his own page, thus preserving the announcement for all to see. The collection will be available for purchase on June 23rd. It will include five new frames eight sunglass models. You can find some more photos of the DVF collection below, along with the full announcement. Expand

Google Glass interface described in new report

The Wall Street Journal published a report with some new information on the interface for the Google Glasses:

In all, the glasses are like a wearable smartphone, allowing the user to take pictures, send messages and perform other functions via voice-activated commands. For instance, say “OK, Glass” into one of the glasses’ two microphones and a menu pops off to the side of your vision showing icons that will let you take a picture, record a video, use Google Maps or make a phone call.

After 10 minutes of playing with the glasses—which the company prefers to call Google Glass, since they don’t have lenses—I could see their long-term potential. The device fit well. It was easy to snap a picture or video without taking my smartphone out of my pocket. It was cool to see the information there in front of my right eye, though a little disorienting. I kept closing my left eye, which was uncomfortable.

Mr. Brin said his favorite feature is the time-lapse capability that lets him snap photos of his kids every 10 seconds when he is playing with them. “I never think about taking out my phone,” he said. “That would really be disruptive to my play time.”

“I have always disliked the feeling that with technology I am spending a lot of my time and attention managing it,” added Mr. Brin, dressed casually in a white T-shirt and jeans. “The notion of seamlessly having access to your digital world without disrupting the real world is very important.”

The reporter used the glasses at the DVF Fashion show in New York City this week (Gallery). It sounds like the interface options are progressing since I wore the headset briefly at Google I/O in June. However, we are still a long way from a usable product.