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Hands-on with Android O Developer Preview 3: colorful notifications, UI tweaks, and Android 8.0 confirmed [Video]

After entering beta at I/O 2017 a few weeks ago, Google today released Developer Preview 3 of Android O. Bringing several changes to the UI and introducing the final API level coming to the official build later this summer, it’s a pretty significant update.

Best of all, Developer Preview 3 finally confirms that yes, Android O will be version 8.0.


PSA: Google Now on Tap is working again in Marshmallow Developer Preview 3


If you’ve been waiting on Google Now to Tap to be available to those running the Android M Developer Preview, the wait is over. Besides a few days when Developer Preview 3 first launched, those running the developer version of M have been left without access to the feature. Now, it seems that Google is finally opening the floodgates…

Google Now on Tap is the latest big feature to come to Google Now, allowing users to quickly find more information about just about anything on their screen. If you’re reading an article about Donald Trump, Now on Tap can give you more info about him and links to his social media profiles and website, for example.

At this point, I’d suggest waiting until October 5th for the official rollout of Android Marshmallow to Nexus devices. But if you’re super antsy and just want to try out Google Now on Tap right now, you can head over and read our guide on how to install the Developer Preview 3 factory image. It’s not too tough, if you have the time.

Google apps in Android Marshmallow neatly ask for permissions on a case by case basis

One of the more useful — and long overdue — features coming with Android M is the ability to have precise control over app permissions. And now, with Android Marshmallow developer preview 3 (which was released last week), Google’s default apps will neatly ask you for permission if you tell the app to do something that it doesn’t currently have permission to do. Expand

PSA: Android M Developer Preview 3 has been delayed a bit


According to a post by an Android Developer Advocate on Google+, the Mountain View company has had to delay Android M Developer Preview 3 just a bit to make sure it’s closer to being a “near final’ build. Google never promised a release date, so most probably won’t be too disappointed, but the company says it just needs a “little more time.”

As per Wojtek Kaliciński:

A quick update on M Developer Preview 3.
We want this to be a near final release to test your apps on, but we need a little more time to get it out to you.
Please be patient and refrain from posting speculations about the release date. We will announce the Preview 3 availability in this community and on +Android Developers as soon as it’s ready.

We’ll of course let you know as soon as the new Developer Preview is out, and we’ll quickly be digging through it to find the latest additions and fixes. The first two previews went without any kind of Google Now on Tap support, so that’s likely part of what the company is scrambling to put together right now.