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PSA: Google’s ‘Ubiquity’ Internet of Things dev summit will take place in January


The Internet of Things will become an increasingly big deal as all consumer technology becomes connected to the web, and by extension one another. Google has several technologies including Brillo and Weave that take advantage of this ubiquitous computing trend. Announced at Google I/O earlier this year, Google is hosting a developer summit for developers focused around those topics. They announced the speaker list and opened registration today.


You can now watch all Android Dev Summit session videos on YouTube


Google hosted its very first Android Dev Summit this week and put on a number of seminars and keynotes for developers to see and learn some of the newest and most useful ways to make use of its APIs, features and services. The Dev Summit kicked off at the Computer History Museum just a couple of days ago and now you can catch all 20 sessions hosted on YouTube. Expand

Chrome Dev Summit 2015 is kicking off at 9 AM PT, tune in here [Livestream]


If you’re a Chrome or web developer, you’re probably already aware that the Chrome Dev Summit is set to take place today and tomorrow. The event brings Chrome engineers and web developers together for a two-day “exploration of building beautiful and fast mobile web applications.” This is an important event for many people, especially considering the growing relevance of web apps.

This is a two-day event, as I mentioned, and day 1 is set to start at 9 AM PT on November 17th. Google has provided livestreaming video of the entire event, and you can tune in below…