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Alan Eustace

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Google SVP of Knowledge Alan Eustace reportedly planning to retire amidst corporate reorganization


Alan Eustace, Google’s SVP of Knowledge is apparently planning to exit the company, a new report from TechCrunch indicated today. The former HP staffer joined Google 12 years ago, and claimed a world record last year following a 135,908-foot jump that broke the record help by Felix Baumgartner.

Who will take over Eustace’s role isn’t known at this time, but TechCrunch says the exec is not likely to seek a position at another company. He has reportedly been looking for an exit for some time now, apparently sparked by a reorganization taking place within Google.

Eustace isn’t the first notable leader to leave the search and tech giant. He follows in the footsteps of Android co-founder Andy Rubin, Google X founder Sebastian Thrun, and two executives from the company’s home automation division.

Google exec Alan Eustace’s 135,908-foot jump from the stratosphere sets a new world record


Almost two years ago, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner made a 128,000 foot record-breaking jump from a helium ballon to the Earth in a stunt that was broadcasted on the internet and sponsored by Red Bull. Today, Google executive Alan Eustace quietly and successfully parachuted from 135,908 feet back to Earth, breaking Baumgartner’s record. Here’s a look at the Googler making his ascension into the record books.


Larry Page named ‘CEO of the year’ by Investors Business Daily

Following Google Cofounder Larry Page taking over as CEO of the company in April, Investor’s Business Daily named Page its “CEO of the Year.” While noting that Google has increased revenues over the last two quarters by approximately 32 percent, IBD said Page took an “aggressive approach to inspiring one of the Internet’s top performers into something even better.”

Here is an excerpt from IBD’s announcement detailing some of Page’s accomplishments that landed him CEO of the Year:

He reorganized the company’s management structure, redesigned the face of the company’s products and pushed forward with a multibillion dollar deal to acquire a cellphone manufacturing outfit. He also launched two other products aiming at Groupon, the leader of online coupons, and Facebook, the top social networking site.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Search Alan Eustace commented on Page’s transition into the CEO role following his previous position as president of products: