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Boeing launching Android smartphone for US defense and security market

Stemming from reports earlier this week from National Defense Magazine, a Boeing spokesperson confirmed to Geekwire this morning that the aerospace and defense company is developing an Android device for the United States government security and defense markets:

“We are developing a trusted mobile device that will serve the US Government Defense and Security market, which require a higher level of security than is currently available in the commercial marketplace.”

According to the earlier reports from National Defense, Boeing Network and Space Systems President Roger Krone expects the device to launch later this year. He claimed the device would début at a lower price than similar encrypted and secure devices sold to government for upwards of “$15,000 to $20,000 per device.” The Boeing phone will not hit the mass market, but Android was selected and not proprietary software to meet demand from users wanting access to the apps and features they are familiar with in smartphones. It is dubbed “The Boeing Phone,” but no decisions have been made whether the device will ultimately carry the Boeing brand.