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Google’s Nik Collection of Photoshop & Aperture plugins are now free to download


In 2012, Google purchased Nik Software and made their excellent mobile photo editor Snapseed free on Android and iOS. Since then, many of Snapseed’s features have been integrated into Google’s various photo products. Besides mobile, though, Nik also developed plugins for desktop photo editors — and starting today they are also free.


Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps for Android receive enterprise support


Adobe recently discontinued its original Photoshop Touch app in favor of a new generation of mostly single-use applications for Android (and iOS) including Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC, and Color CC. Now large corporate customers subscribed to Creative Cloud for enterprise can take advantage of the new apps in conjunction with the high-bandwidth features that come with their tier of service, including fast deployment of these new products to teams within their companies on a case-by-case basis and 24/7 dedicated IT support. Updates with enterprise support for the aforementioned apps hit Google Play today.

This new suite of mobile apps for Android allows users to connect to the Creative Cloud platform and save new content to be used on whatever platform they choose to use to access Adobe’s suite of products. For example, Color CC allows users to pick colors from imported images and save them to a color palette which then be accessed from desktop, tablet, or wherever else Creative Cloud apps are available. Maybe a marketing employee comes across a color in the real world that they’d like to consider using for their next campaign. Now they can rest assure that prying eyes won’t be able to steal their inspiration from them.

Along with the features mentioned above including quick deployment of new Adobe tools and services to employees and priority 24/7 support, Creative Cloud for enterprise puts more power (read: liability) in the hands of corporations by allowing them to store assets – new designs, marketing campaigns, etc – on their own servers, behind their own firewalls. Large businesses are typically slow to adopt new technologies due to stringent security requirements put in place by the same employees who are tasked with considering what new technologies to introduce to their workforces. That’s just to name a few of the additions that come with that costly tier of service, though.

The updates are available now in Google Play. For those who want the APK downloads, they can be found below.

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Adobe updates Photoshop Express for Android with blemish removal tool, RAW importing, more

Adobe has actively been rolling out new and powerful tools for mobile platforms in recent months including Lightroom Mobile for iPad followed later by Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and Photoshop Mix as well as Adobe Voice for creating storytelling from iPad. Adobe says Lightroom for Android will follow eventually.

Even with all of those new products, Adobe is continuing to add features to its existing mobile apps with the release of Adobe Photoshop Express 2.3.273 today. The updated version of Photoshop Express for Android specifically brings four new features: a new blemish removal tool, the ability to increase or decrease filter strength, a new defog tool to remove haziness, and the ability to import photos in the RAW format.

As always, the Android version of Adobe Photoshop Express is available as a free download from the Play Store, and the update is out now.