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Google now owns

| ICANN WHOIS 2015-10-08 08-49-50

Apparently owning isn’t enough for the newly-formed conglomerate headed up by Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Thanks to a recent change in DNS registrant info, we now know that Google has (via DomainInvesting) acquired, a site that was first registered all the way back in 1999…

Prior to Google’s new ownership, the domain was privately owned and wasn’t being used for anything. We don’t know yet — and probably won’t ever know — what Google paid for the name, but it’s likely to be a hefty amount if it was acquired after the Alphabet announcement. We also don’t know what Google will use the domain for, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it redirect to

Google announced the major restructuring of its entire organization just a couple of months ago, starting with the creation of a brand-new company called Alphabet, Inc., which is now the parent company of Google and many other now-separate divisions of the company. Previous SVP of Android/Chrome/Google Apps Sundar Pichai now serves as CEO of Google.