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Nexus 5X gets a permanent $30 price cut on the Google Store


Update: Amazon’s price has now dropped to $349.99 shipped, down from $375. Best Buy still has the phone listed at $379.99.

You may recall on Black Friday, the Nexus 5X got a rather generous $80 price cut, lowering the cheapest model to $299. Then up until Christmas, it was $50 off from numerous retailers. It now appears that the less powerful Nexus smartphone is getting a permanent much needed $30 discount from the Google Store.


Nexus AMA roundup: Google talks 5X and 6P names, Qi charging, T-Mobile band 12, & more


A few Googlers that worked on the new Nexus 5X and 6P have taken to Reddit today to answer questions about the new devices that officially went up for pre-order yesterday following Google’s press event. Among some of the info shared by the team: Google is working to officially support Band 12 for T-Mobile by launch time, something that would require it to support VoLTE, and it also clarified some details about the lack of Qi charging this time around and security for the new fingerprint sensor features.

In addition, Google confirmed its thought process behind the names for the new devices, noting that X in 5X is “for the core of the Nexus brand (plus it sounds cool!),” and that the P in 6P is for “premium”.

Head below for a roundup for the most interesting info from the Reddit AMA: Expand