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Google Maps SDK for iOS adds 64 bit support and more

Developers that are using Google’s Maps APIs to build iOS apps will be pleased with Google’s latest update to its Google Maps SDK for iOS today. Version 1.6 of the SDK brings one notable new feature for developers that are transitioning their apps to iOS 7’s new 64 bit architecture available for devices running Apple’s new A7 processor.

The SDK now fully supports 64-bit architectures with both the 32 and 64 bit binaries built into a single updated GoogleMaps framework. Google notes that “The correct binary will be selected by Xcode based on your build settings.”

Version 1.6 of the new Google Maps SDK for iOS also includes a few other new features including enhanced marker opacity and min/max zoom settings. A full list of what’s new and fixed is below:

Version 1.6 – November 2013

Download version 1.6.


  • The Google Maps SDK for iOS now supports 64-bit architectures. Both 32 and 64 bit binaries are built into the single GoogleMaps framework. The correct binary will be selected by Xcode based on your build settings. For instructions on building 64-bit applications, please refer to Apple’s 64-bit transition guide. (Issue 5806)
  • Changed some instances of CGFloat to either a float or double where it was more appropriate.
  • Added the ability to restrict min and max zoom on GMSMapView. (Issue 5882)
  • Added opacity on GMSTileLayer and GMSMarker.
  • Core Animation on GMSMapView now requires model values to be set

Resolved issues:

  • Info windows and tappable regions now rotate correctly with markers. (Issue 5896Issue 5969)
  • Padding on a GMSMapView is no longer clamped to its bounds (useful if setting padding on an initially zero-sized map). (Issue 5864)
  • Copyright information now animates when changing GMSMapView size or padding.
  • Info windows are removed if their GMSMarker is removed from a GMSMapView. (Issue 5856)
  • My Location dot uses the last known location information when enabled. (Issue 5590)
  • Resolved two rare race conditions that were causing crashes. (Issue 5795)
  • Resolved an issue where retain cycles were causing memory leaks on GMSMapView and GMSPanoramaView.